Stop right now! Plans rile OAP

A DISABLED pensioner has hit out against council plans for a bus stop arguing that it would leave her unable to get to her own home.

Christine Pointing, from Heath Park Road, Romford, is against the proposals for the accessibility improvements to the 496 bus stop.

She said: “I am really frustrated by the whole thing because they are going ahead with their plans and it is almost as if I cannot have a say about what is going to happen outside of my own house.”

The plans would see the bus stop outside of Christine’s house moved between two houses and a raised kerb put in.

Christine, who has had two hip replacement operations and has to walk with a stick, says it would mean that she would be unable to drive over the kerb and would find it hard getting to her front door.

But the council argue that the work would make it easier for people getting off buses with mobility problems and those with pushchairs.

Christine, who is in her 70s, says that she is willing to pay for a dropped kerb to be installed outside her house but the council argue that it would go against the plans.

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A Havering Council spokesman said: “Dropped kerbs cannot be situated too close to bus stops it would make getting on and off buses difficult for passengers, in particular the elderly and disabled.

“Our officers met with Mrs Pointing and explained that the plans are only at consultation stage.

“Her views and those of other residents will be carefully considered by the Highways Committee before a decision is taken.

“Raising the footway will improve accessibility for all passengers at the bus stop.”

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