Romford Tory MP Andrew Rosindell proposes UK Borders Bill

Andrew Rosindell

Andrew Rosindell - Credit: Archant

Andrew Rosindell proposed a 10-minute rule bill in Parliament yesterday, calling for control and sovereignty for the UK’s borders to be restored.

The Tory MP for Romford said he was not against immigration, which has been “overwhelmingly positive in shaping our nation’s evolution”, but wants it to be controlled, which “can only happen if the power to decide who is allowed to enter is restored.”

Speaking about his United Kingdom Borders (Control and Sovereignty) Bill, he said: “A nation that does not retain sovereignty over its own borders will ultimately be powerless to determine its own destiny. The expectation of my constituents is that our government would implement a policy to guard our borders from land, sea, air and the Channel Tunnel.”

Alternative policies he offered were to “adopt a points system similar to that successfully implemented by Australia” and to “give greater preference to Commonwealth nations with whom we share so much in common, most notably, our English language.”