Romford’s MP ‘not worried at all’ about historic High Court ruling on Brexit

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell.

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell. - Credit: Archant

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell remains “absolutely confident” the UK will leave the EU next year, despite a historic High Court ruling which threatens to derail the Brexit process.

It comes after campaigners won their battle to overturn the Prime Minister’s decision to start Brexit negotiations without consulting Parliament.

Today’s ruling means MPs need to vote on whether Theresa May can kick-start the process of leaving.

But Mr Rosindell has waved off the ruling and is not worried by any possible implications.

“First of all, I do not believe an unelected court can effectively call into question the right of the British people to make a decision on leaving the EU,” he said.

“No court has the right to overrule the referendum result and this is not the final judgement, it will now go to the Supreme Court to make a ruling.

“It’s just another effort to halt the Brexit process by these ‘Remoaners’, as I like to call to them, who cannot accept the decision of the British public.”

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A statement is now set to be made to MPs on Monday but the prime minister’s official spokesman has confirmed the government will appeal the decision.

Romford’s MP added: “I am not worried at all by today’s ruling; there is no doubt in my mind that this will not derail Brexit.

“Even if it was to go through to a vote in Parliament then I am confident that MPs would vote it through.

“I am absolutely confident Brexit will happen one way or the other and before the end of March next year.”

Rainham and Cranham MP Jon Cruddas said: “We cannot deny the brexit mandate, but equally the result cannot be carte blanche for a Tory government to determine terms.

“Today’s High Court ruling has taken the brexit negotiation out of Theresa May’s hands, weakening her position as PM, and allowing for more parliamentary scrutiny.

“This ruling opens the gate for Labour and other parliamentarians to ask important questions such as; what agreement was made with Nissan? What government strategy is in place to deal with rising interest rates as the strength of the pound falls? And importantly; how can we ensure that the impacts of brexit do not fall hardest on working families, and the most vulnerable in society.”