Rising Sun pub applies to hold birthday events until 1.30am

Hornchurch pub licensing request

The Rising Sun Pub's temporary event notice licences will be decided ahead of Friday, November 19. - Credit: Joe Sullivan

A Hornchurch pub faces an anxious wait for two event notices to be decided. 

The Rising Sun Pub's applications for two temporary event notice (TENs) licences will be decided by Friday (November 19).  

On November 17, Havering Council’s licensing sub-committee gathered to discuss the two submitted permits proposed from November 19 to 21 and from November 26 to 28 between 7pm to 1.30am each night.  

The licences would be for 50th and 30th birthday events; manager of the pub Sam Gittens said the venue "try to steer clear of 18th and 21st" celebrations because of noise concerns.  

Chair of the meeting, Cllr Sally Miller, asked if alcohol would be supplied on-site during the planned events, and Mr Gittens confirmed it would be. 

Senior public protection officer of environmental health, Mike Richardson,  objected to both events on the grounds “they will cause a public nuisance from loud music”. 

He claimed a TEN issued for a wake on October 22 was "unreasonably loud” from the Astra Lounge between 10.30pm and 11.15pm.

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Mr Richardson said the events should not be allowed to go ahead until noise proofing is implemented.

This follows a meeting with Rising Sun pub representative Graham Hopkins on November 10 to address issues. 

At the meeting, Mr Richardson found a metal shutter which he likened to a “garage door” and “a large air gap” around the roof of the Astra Lounge, which is where he believes the noise to be coming from.  

The gap has since been boarded up, but Mr Richardson claimed the venue still needs soundproofing.

Mr Hopkins spoke on behalf of the Rising Sun at licensing sub-committee. He said boarding and bricking over the shutter will help to address noise, alongside soundproofing and a reflective material installed where there is currently a gap around the roof.  

However, Mr Richardson raised concerns that these fixes might not be “constructed properly” in the short time frame before the licences would start.

This comes after the venue’s proposal for a rear lounge with bar, outside toilet and smoking area was rejected earlier this month.  

A decision on the licences will be made 24 hours ahead of Friday, November 19.

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