Redbridge Council ranked top in country for adult social care

The event hopes to raise awareness about disability hate crime. Photo: John Stillwell/PA

The event hopes to raise awareness about disability hate crime. Photo: John Stillwell/PA - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

Redbridge Council has been named the best local authority in the country for providing adult social care.

Public service consultancy, Impower, ranked the council the most productive per pound of investment in a survey published yesterday, February 27.

Redbridge topped the charts for “spending their money most effectively” and “getting the best outcomes for citizens.”

Cllr Mark Santos, cabinet member for health, social care, mental health and the ageing, said: “We’re determined to deliver the very best services possible for our older and vulnerable residents.

“This analysis is a welcome recognition of our hard working staff and their restless drive for improvement.

“Austerity is a huge challenge for local government, but we will continue to do our utmost to help local people lead better lives.”

Impower ranks 150 local authorities by examining performance using 25 indicators across three categories - older adults, all age disability, and the health and social care.

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Council Leader Cllr Jas Athwal said: “This council has responded to austerity by upping its game, improving productivity and making sure every pound counts.

“Through our new budget we will continue to focus on prevention and early intervention to help people live independent lives.

“Despite austerity, we will continue to drive the best results for Redbridge.”

Cllr Athwal highlighted that the council has achieved this results despite being is ranked 30th of the capital’s 32 boroughs for the lowest social care spending.

Redbridge was also rated the sixth most productive council overall in the annual report compiled by Impower in November 2018.

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