Political differences put aside as EU exit campaign launched in Romford

Politicians campaigning in Romford Market

Politicians campaigning in Romford Market - Credit: Archant

Political leanings were put aside as a campaign supporting Britain leaving the European Union was launched in Romford Market Place last week.

Romford’s Conservative MP, Andrew Rosindell, was joined by Ukip MEP Gerard Batten and members of the borough’s three residents’ groups in expressing support for the out campaign.

Mr Rosindell said: “We want to live in a democratic Britain and by us staying in this historical alliance we are not thriving as much as we could.

“We have to govern ourselves and we should make our laws.”

Mr Rosindell and Mr Batten, who were political rivals during May’s general election, have teamed up in an attempt to convince Havering residents it is best for Britain to leave the EU.

Mr Batten said: “It is time to put our political differences aside and do what is best for the country.

“We came into politics to make a change and to make decisions and being part of the EU is preventing us from doing this.”

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A referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU could be held as soon as early 2016.

Cllr Linda Van den Hende (Upminster, East Havering Residents’ Group) said: “By leaving the EU we will be opening ourselves to different opportunities and be free to run the country the way we want to rather than having to continue to abide by European laws.”

Cllr Dilip Patel (Mawneys, Conservative) added: “I have lived in this country for 40 years and I consider myself British.

“People can come into our country but it is more important than ever for us to have control over our own borders, especially now with the current terrorist attacks.

“We don’t know who is coming in to damage us so it is vital.”

To drum up support, politicians will be handing out information leaflets and campaigning on social media.

Mr Rosindell said: “Those representing mainstream parties will be working as part of a committee but we don’t want to include extremist parties of any sort.

“We want democratic parties which have popular support in Havering to help us with this campaign.”

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