Next stage of housing for Briar Road estate is given go ahead

Cllr Denis O'Flynn

Cllr Denis O'Flynn - Credit: Archant

The next phase of the Briar Road development on the Briar Road estate has been given the go ahead.

Havering Council’s regulatory services committee approved five applications on Thursday, which included the demolition of garages on some sites.

The committee has previously approved 19 applications as part of the Harold Hill Ambitions project to demolish garages and to replace them with houses and parking.

Last week the first application was for three bungalows on open space next to Coltsfoot Path, Bellflower path and Mimosa.

The council received four letters and a petition with 67 names objecting to the plan for reasons including loss of light, stress during building, increase in traffic.

Cllr Keith Darvill (Labour, Heaton) also wrote to the council about his concerns over parking and traffic congestion.

He said: “The combined impact of reduced parking and garage spaces will give rise to increased congestion and in many cases residents parking vehicles even further from their place of residence.”

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Cllr Denis O’Flynn (Labour, Heaton) said during the meeting: “We are not opposed to houses on the estate, we are concerned about the consultation process. We are opposed to the total lack of concern of the residents.”

Plans were also passed for two bungalows in open space adjacent to Coltsfoot Path and Mimosa Close; three houses will be built in place of garages in Briar Road next to Cypress Path and Coltsfoot Path; a house will be built in open space next to Myrtle Road – one objection was received about overcrowding, loss of green and open spaces, loss of parking and devaluation of properties.

Garages in Iris Path, Bellflower Path and Clematis Close will be demolished to make way for two houses. The council received no objections from residents.

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