Six questions for the new mayor of Havering, Trevor McKeever


Mayor of Havering Trevor McKeever - Credit: Sandra Rowse

Following the local elections 2022, Labour’s Trevor McKeever has stepped up to become the new mayor of Havering.

He is taking over from John Mylod, who lost his seat in the St Andrew’s ward this May.  

From walks with his golden retriever in his most-loved park to his 30 years' experience as a firefighter, Cllr McKeever told the Recorder he is determined to use his role as mayor to champion change.  

Tell us a bit about yourself.  

I’m 62 and have lived in Elm Park since 1967. I am married, have two kids, two grandsons, one granddaughter and a golden retriever named Ellie.

I retired in 2013, but prior to this, spent 30 years as a firefighter with 13 of those years based at Hornchurch Fire Station.  

What does it mean to you to be selected as the mayor of Havering? 

I was so humbled and honoured to be chosen to lead and be the face of the borough.

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It’s such an honour for myself - and it was unthinkable around four weeks ago and now it’s been achieved. 

How have you found the role so far?   

It’s been a baptism of fire so far, but I’m taking it all in my stride.

As a former firefighter, we are used to turning up and dealing with the situations that are put in front of us.  

My 30 years' service has been good grounding for the position of mayor in some respects.

You’re out dealing with the public all the time and have great interactions with them, and that’s what the mayor’s role is all about.  

What do you think the new administration will achieve in the borough?   

I hope the new administration will achieve unity and that the residents will realise we’re on their side and there for them.

Everything we do is for the residents and to support them in any way we can.  

What is your favourite place in Havering?   

There’s so many, but I love Harrow Lodge Park. It’s a fantastic place to go, especially for the people you meet over there.

When I walk Ellie it’s so social and you meet other dog walkers and runners. It’s a lovely park to walk around aesthetically and everybody’s nice.  

What drives you as mayor?  

One of my catchphrases is 'inclusive, not exclusive'. I value equality and diversity and I don’t think anyone should be bullied or harassed because of who and what they are.