Action promised over 'lorry parking forcing children to walk in busy road'

Lorries blocking pavements in Crow Lane, Romford

Residents have taken photos showing lorries persistently parking on and blocking pavements in Crow Lane, which they say forces pedestrians - including children - to walk in the busy road. - Credit: Archant

Children are darting between traffic on a busy road because lorries are blocking the pavement, residents claim.

People living around Crow Lane and Jutsums Lane in Romford have accused Havering Council of “kicking the can down the road” over long-running traffic problems.

A planned pedestrian crossing has not materialised and will be delayed by at least three more months for a public consultation.

A spokesperson for Havering Council said it is committed to completing all of the works, and will be in touch with residents in the near future.

In March, the Recorder reported that the council had planted trees and installed a bollard in an effort to stop persistent, illegal parking by HGVs.

But residents supplied photos of lorries continuing to block paths and park on the road - including on double yellow lines - forcing two-way traffic to share a single lane.

“It’s like driving up a chicane,” a resident, who would prefer not to be named, said on Wednesday.

"The other week it was basically a lorry park. You could see all the haze and the heat from the fumes.

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"My heart fell in my stomach the other day, watching two little boys with their football trying to get to the park.

“They were taking turns running in the road because a lorry was blocking the pavement.”

After years of complaints, the council gave residents a schedule of planned works earlier this year.

It included a crossing, double yellow lines and physical barriers to stop pavement parking.

Lorries parked in Crow Lane

Residents say lorries also park in the road - including on double yellow lines - forcing two-way traffic to share a single lane. - Credit: Archant

All of these measures were dated, on the council schedule, on or before June 30 - but none have been delivered.

“I’m tired of complaining and not getting anywhere,” a resident wrote to the council this week, copying in the Recorder.

“I feel that in the last ten-plus years, you have turned me into a miserable person who has lost all faith in the system."

A council spokesperson said: “The council remains committed to completing all of the works.

"Unfortunately, it appears there was some misunderstanding regarding the former timeline and dates provided, which indicated when planning would begin, not when each work would be completed.

“We are currently assessing the scope of the necessary work and will be in touch with residents in the near future with a more accurate timeline.”

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