Hornchurch MP “disappointed” by referendum but urges people to work together

Conservative's Parliamentary Candidate for Hornchurch and Upminster Dame Angela Watkinson

Conservative's Parliamentary Candidate for Hornchurch and Upminster Dame Angela Watkinson - Credit: photo: Arnaud Stephenson

Hornchurch and Upminster’s MP Dame Angela Watkinson believes the decision to leave the European Union will lead to a period of “great turbulence”.

The Remain supporter said: “I am disappointed that the country has voted, by a narrow majority, to leave the EU.

“I have supported the Remain campaign throughout and deeply regret that the prime minister has decided to resign.

“The effects will be felt internationally. This momentous decision to leave could trigger further calls for a referendum in Scotland. “

Last night, 76 per cent of Havering residents headed to the polls, with 70 per cent of those who turned out voting to leave the European Union.

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But the MP now feels the country must come together and look to the future.

She said: “Our EU border is now between Northern and Southern Ireland, the value of the pound and share prices have fallen and the Bank of England has plans in place to manage any volatility in the markets.

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“However, as a democracy, we must now move forward and work together for the future of our country.

“The election of the new prime minister will trigger the two year legal withdrawal period from the EU and negotiations on many fronts to set up new trading contracts.

“We must do everything possible to maintain confidence in the UK economy during the coming period of great turbulence.”

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