Hornchurch and Upminster MP calls on the government to spend money easing congestion at Gallows Corner

Angela Watkinson MP has asked the government to give more funding to help ease congestion at Havering’s busiest road junction.

Last week the Recorder featured a letter from Dave Ainsworth, of Barnstaple Road, Harold Hill, who drew attention to a new government pledge to invest �170m on 57 “pinch points” in the national road network.

Mr Ainsworth wrote, last week: “Surely the infamous Gallows Corner should be on such a list? It daily adds much (and unacceptable) time to working commuters’ journeys while also giving an appalling road accident history.

“We’ve seen many busy junctions on the A13 tackled, from the M25 right to the heart of the East End, so a solution to Gallows Corner is well overdue.”

Hornchurch and Upminster MP Ms Watkinson, told the Recorder today (Monday): “I have already asked the Secretary of State for Transport to consider Gallows Corner for long overdue attention from this new funding.”

The junction has been the subject of numerous Recorder campaigns for improvement over the years.

The last work was finished on it in 2009 when its flyover – built in 1970 as a temporary structure with a life expectancy of 15 years – was finally refurbished.

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A spokesman for the Department for Transport told the Recorder this week that the government was due to announce a number of other roads which will have extra money spent on them in the new year.

Do you use Gallows Corner? What should be done to ease congestion there? Email ian.weinfass@archant.co.uk or leave your comment below.