Havering Council’s new committee chairs

Havering Town Hall

Havering Town Hall - Credit: Archant

The council voted for the following councillors to chairman and vice-chairman of the committees.

Committee-- --Chairman-- --Vice-chairman--

Adjudication and review-- Cllr Joshua Chapman-- 1. Cllr John Mylod 2. Cllr Roger Westwood

Audit-- Cllr Frederick Thompson-- Cllr Ray Morgon

Governance-- Cllr Michael White-- Cllr Clarence Barrett

Pensions-- Cllr John Crowder-- Cllr David Johnson

Licensing-- Cllr Linda Van Den Hende-- 1. Cllr Garry Pain 2. Cllr Viddy Persaud 3. Cllr Keith Roberts

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Regulatory services-- Cllr Robby Misir-- Cllr Ron Ower

Highways advisory-- Cllr Ian de Wulverton-- Cllr Ray Best

Children and learning-- Cllr Gillian Ford-- Cllr Jason Frost

Crime and disorder-- Cllr David Durant-- Cllr John Wood

Environment-- Cllr Ray Morgon-- Cllr Carol Smith

Health-- Cllr Nic Dodin-- Cllr Dilip Patel

Individuals-- Cllr June Alexander-- Cllr Phillip Hyde

Towns and communities-- Cllr Lawrence Webb-- Cllr Linda Hawthorn

Value-- Cllr Clarence Barrett-- Cllr Philippa Crowder

Sub-committee of the governance committee Cllr Roger Ramsey and Cllr Clarence Barrett