Havering Council could save £225k in senior staff reduction

Cheryl Coppell

Cheryl Coppell - Credit: Archant

Taxpayers could be saved £225,000 if plans to reduce the number of senior managers and hours of the council chief executive are agreed.

Changes would see Havering’s chief executive, Cheryl Coppell, paid to work a three-day week from December. She has also asked to take a voluntary 10 per cent pay cut.

She had been considering retirement, but Cllr Roger Ramsey, council leader, persuaded her to move part-time for another 18 months at least.

As well as making a decision on the future of the chief exec on Wednesday, councillors will also decide whether to accept a permanent cut from three directors to two directly below her.

The decision of director Cynthia Griffin to leave in December has prompted a recommendation to Council to not recruit a replacement.

With support services such as accountancy, human resources and legal services now shared with Newham Council, Cllr Ramsey believes the organisation can manage with a smaller top team.

He said: “We’ve always had a small senior management team compared to many councils, but in the light of budget cuts, we’re looking to reduce it still further.

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“I’m glad I’ve managed to persuade Cheryl Coppell to put off her well-deserved retirement for a little while longer and I hope my colleagues will support the move to her working part-time.

“Cynthia Griffin has done tremendous work for many years at Havering. Her decision to leave means we should consider if we can manage with just two. I think we can.

“These measures taken together will allow us to cut the pay bill for senior managers by £225,000.”

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