Gloves off: Romford MP Andrew Rosindell argues to leave the EU

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell - Credit: Archant

The UK’s membership of the EU is being discussed around the world. But when the Recorder asked for your views many said they wanted the key arguments to be set out, without rhetoric or grandiose claims. We asked two Havering MPs, on either side of the debate, to help us do just that. Here are Romford MP Andrew Rosindell’s views.

“The issue of Britain’s relationship with the EU has dominated everything since the 1970s.”

Romford MP Andrew Rosindell does not hold back, when it comes to the UK’s membership of the European Union (EU).

A proactive member of the Vote Leave campaign, he explained: “I passionately believe this is a historic moment for the British people. This referendum is the most important thing ever – more important than the General Election. This is a permanent decision about the way we go as a country.”

Mr Rosindell is convinced “the current relationship is extremely bad for the country” and sees no advantages in staying in.

“I want to raise the alarm bell,” he said.

“We are giving up our rights to make our own decisions. The EU can impose its own laws over our Queen.”

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Mr Rosindell said that about half of British laws are imposed through EU regulations and directives.

Seeing the EU as a super-state, Mr Rosindell said he wants to free the UK from “pointless” regulations but continue to cooperate with EU countries through bilateral agreements, which would need to be drafted after the vote.

“We are different. We have a different history but, of course, we want to have good relations with our neighbours.”

The MP argued that Commonwealth countries, which he said share more common history with the UK, have been snubbed in favour of European countries in terms of trade and immigration.

“It is wrong that our Commonwealth allies are treated second best than the EU.

“We are cutting our links with the rest of the world because of this and with our allies with who we fought side-by-side. I think we have more in common with Canada than with Bulgaria.

“Today if we wanted to do a trade agreement with New Zealand, we can’t because everything is decided by the EU. And that is not free trade. We should be able to buy food from all over the world for example. The emerging market in India, China, the Far East, Africa, that is where we need to be.”

On immigration, Mr Rosindell wants to see “a managed and controlled immigration policy with an equal application process,” on the model of the Australian point system.

“At the moment, our government cannot control the movement of people.

“But if we could decide who can come in, we would get a better type of immigration because we would get the brightest and the best rather than a free for all.”

The unshakable Eurosceptic told the Recorder he was confident people will vote to leave the EU and described “a gentle wind turning towards the out camp”.

“It is not going to be that radical, but we will evolve our relationship with European countries,” he concluded.

Mr Rosindell will tour the borough to answer residents’ questions on the EU. He will be at Elm Park Station from 4.30pm to 7pm today, Romford Market from 10am to 2pm tomorrow (Sat) and meeting residents in Squirrels Heath from 2.30pm on Sunday.

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