Election 2022: All the candidates standing in every Havering ward

Havering Town Hall

Candidates are vying for a seat in the council chamber at Havering Town Hall - Credit: Ken Mears

Voters all over the country are set to decide who will represent their interests on their local council for years to come. 

In Havering, all 55 seats will be up for election, and balloting is to take place between 7am and 10pm on May 5.

Here is a full list of the candidates vying for your votes, by ward, in alphabetical order by surname: 

Beam Park - two seats

Daniel Mark Beal - Rainham Independent Residents' Association

Ross William Elliott - Rainham Independent Residents' Association

Lynne Huxtable - Reform UK

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Trevor Roland McKeever - Labour

Barry John Oddy - Conservative

Kuan Phillips - Green

Matthew Christopher Stanton - Labour

Tom Strong - Conservative

Cranham - three seats

Susanne Elizabeth Brown - Lib Dems

Kate Louise Darvill - Labour

David Richard Anthony Dawson - Labour

Poh Cheong Foong - Conservative

Gillian Ford - Upminster and Cranham Residents' Association

David  Hughes - Green

Tracey McEvoy - Conservative

Philip Lionel Ruck - Upminster and Cranham Residents' Association

Philip Andrew Charles Sait - Lib Dems

Jeffery George Stafford - Labour

John Tyler - Upminster and Cranham Residents' Association

Danny Robert Herbert George Weedon - Conservative

Elm Park - three seats

Azza Azharuddin - Conservative

Valerie Patricia Best - Conservative

Graham Michael Carr - Labour

Janet Patricia Davis - Labour 

Michael Philip Davis - Labour 

Gerald Leslie Haines - Green

Barry Mugglestone - Hornchurch Residents' Association

Stephanie Jane Nunn - Hornchurch Residents' Association

Matej Travnicek - Conservative

Julie Lilian Wilkes - Hornchurch Residents' Association

Emerson Park - two seats

Pamela Ann Coles - Lib Dems

Laurance Robert Garrard - Havering Residents' Association Emerson Park

David Godwin - Havering Residents' Association Emerson Park

Anil Kumar Gupta - Labour 

Sharon Lynne Heron - Hornchurch and Upminster Independents Emerson Park

Victoria Pamela Hogan - Hornchurch and Upminster Independents Emerson Park

Noshaba Khiljee - Conservative 

Michael Anthony McCarthy - Labour 

Graham Richard Potter - Lib Dems

Dominic Noel Swan - Conservative 

Gooshays - three seats

Isabelle Alexander - Independent Harold Hill Residents' Association Gooshays

Patricia Mary Brown - Labour and Co-operative 

Margaret Christine Kershaw - Havering Residents' Association Gooshays

Emilia Weronika Kukielka - Conservative

Grant Edward MacMaster - Independent Harold Hill Residents' Association Gooshays

Rashpinder Singh Mahal - Conservative

Paul Stephen Lawrence McGeary - Labour and Co-operative

Katie Joanna Morant - Green

Monica Puncheon - Independent Harold Hill Residents' Association Gooshays

Greg Samuel - Conservative

Graham Frank Trew - Havering Residents' Association Gooshays

Katharine Mary Tumilty - Labour and Co-operative

Hacton - two seats

Paul Connew - Conservative

Sinead Earley - Labour

Susan Ann Jiggens - Labour

Patrick Oliver Marks - Conservative

Ray Morgon - Hornchurch Residents' Association

Reg Whitney - Hornchurch Residents' Association

Harold Wood - three seats

Tolu Akinboboye - Conservative

Carole Anne Beth - Labour and Co-operative

Jonathan William Albert Coles - Lib Dems

Brian Edward Eagling - Harold Wood Hill Park Residents' Association

Ruth Edes - Conservative

Martin Robert Goode - Harold Wood Hill Park Residents' Association

Krystyna Helena Koseda - Labour and Co-operative

Dan Lammin - Havering Residents' Association Harold Wood

Adela Niamh Meer - Havering Residents' Association Harold Wood

Sally Omosun Onaiwu - Labour and Co-operative 

Ian Victor Sanderson - Lib Dems

Katy Turner - Havering Residents' Association Harold Wood

Joe Webster - Conservative

Darren Christopher Wise - Harold Wood Hill Park Residents' Association

Havering-Atte-Bower - three seats

Sanchia Anita Alasia - Labour 

Ray Best - Conservative 

John Edward Crowder - Conservative 

Benedicta Lashley - Labour 

Carol Ann Perry - Havering Residents' Association Havering-atte-Bower

Taimaz Ranjbaran - Labour 

Damian John White - Conservative

Heaton - three seats

Toyin Ajidele - Conservative

Mandy Jane Anderson - Labour and Co-operative

Mary Vivien Bakoulas - Independent Harold Hill Residents' Association Heaton

Wendy Brice-Thompson - Independent Harold Hill Residents' Association Heaton

Keith Ernest Darvill - Labour and Co-operative

Martin Glenn - Independent Harold Hill Residents' Association Heaton

Edward Andrew Green - Conservative 

Bill Lavender - Havering Residents' Association Heaton

Richard Rimkus - Conservative

Lesley Rosina Tyler - Havering Residents' Association Heaton

Frankie Oreoluwa Mary-Ann Walker - Labour and Co-operative 

Hylands and Harrow Lodge - three seats

Colin Birch - English Constitution Party

Jane Diana Birch - English Constitution Party

Alexander Marc Donald - Conservative

Robert Dennis Farnsworth - Labour 

James Thomas Glass - Hornchurch Residents' Association

Mandy Haines - Green

Mohammad Quamrul Hassan - Labour 

Christine Ivy Rose Smith - Conservative 

Ciaran John White - Conservative

John Charles Wood - Hornchurch Residents' Association

Michael Derek Wood - Labour 

Marshalls and Rise Park - three seats

Kevin Patrick Barrett - Havering Residents' Association Marshalls/Rise Park

Robert Antony Chesney - Havering Residents' Association Marshalls/Rise Park

Philippa Crowder - Conservative

Osman Ali Dervish - Conservative 

Andy Mann - Havering Residents' Association Marshalls/Rise Park

Siobhan McGeary - Labour 

Robby Misir - Conservative 

Birendra Singh - Labour 

Carol Lesley Singh - Labour 

Mawneys - three seats

Carol Denise Baker - Havering Residents' Association Mawneys

Gren Brown - Lib Dems

Alison De Melo - Labour 

John Frederick Deeks - Lib Dems

Jason David Frost - Conservative

Denise Hipson - Havering Residents' Association Mawneys

Christine Anne McGeary - Labour 

Daniel Alan Nichols - Labour 

Dilip Patel - Conservative

Carol Margaret Smith - Conservative

Linda Ann Trew - Havering Residents' Association Mawneys

Rainham and Wennington - three seats

Susan Adams - Green

Simon Maurice Darvill  - Labour 

David Warren Durant - Rainham Independent Residents' Association (Rainham/Wennington)

Sarah Jane Edwards - Conservative

Mohammed Abdullah Siddique Ibnay Ambia - Labour 

Jackie McArdle - Conservative

Antonia Osammor - Labour 

Sue Ospreay - Conservative

Alby Tebbutt - Rainham Independent Residents' Association (Rainham/Wennington)

Jeffrey Tucker - Rainham Independent Residents' Association (Rainham/Wennington)

Rush Green and Crowlands - three seats

Robert Michael John Benham - Conservative

Gemma Ann Bevan - Havering Residents' Association Rush Green/Crowlands

John Alex Curtis - Labour 

Angelina Leatherbarrow - Labour 

Tracey Amanda Niemierko - Havering Residents' Association Rush Green/Crowlands

Robert Francis O'Dea - Independent

Viddy Persaud - Conservative

Robert Ritchie - Labour 

Timothy Paul George Ryan - Conservative

Ajay Pal Singh - Havering Residents' Association Rush Green/Crowlands

South Hornchurch - two seats

Mirza Adeel Akhtar - Labour 

Kim Arrowsmith - Green

Michael Deon Burton - Conservative

Julia Ann Offord Pearman - Labour 

Natasha Anne Summers - Rainham Independent Residents' Association South Hornchurch

Maggie Themistocli - Conservative

Graham Keith Williamson - Rainham Independent Residents' Association South Hornchurch

Squirrels Heath - three seats

Karen Emma Bryan - Havering Residents' Association Squirrels Heath

Vivien Burke - Labour 

Thomas Patrick Clarke - Lib Dems

Caroline Naomi Hibbs-Brown - Lib Dems

Nigel Lawrence Meyer - Labour 

Bob Perry - Havering Residents' Association Squirrels Heath

Keith Anthony Prince - Conservative

Christopher William Purnell - Labour 

Doug Rushworth - Havering Residents' Association Squirrels Heath

Christopher Anthony Stafford - Lib Dems

Christine Violet Vickery - Conservative

Melvin John Wallace - Independent

Michael John White - Conservative

St Alban's - two seats

Kimberley Jane Gould - Havering Residents' Association St Albans

Judith Margaret Holt - Conservative

Jane Elizabeth Keane - Labour 

Hope Liberty Mendy - Labour 

Ian Swann - Havering Residents' Association St Albans

Aaron Alexander Santiago Young - Conservative

St Andrew's - three seats

Nicholas Martin Butler - Labour 

Martin Neal Davis - Green

Henry Frost - Conservative

Joseph Alexander Jervis - Labour 

Abdal Miah - Labour 

Paul Alan Middleton - Hornchurch Residents' Association

John Christopher Mylod - Conservative

Gerry O'Sullivan - Hornchurch Residents' Association

Oliver Harry Rose - Conservative

Bryan Thomas Vincent - Hornchurch Residents' Association

St Edward's - three seats

Abiodun Kudirat Adesanya - Labour 

Joshua Mark Chapman - Conservative

Peter Christopher Davies - Lib Dems

Ann Fiona Kendrick - Havering Residents' Association St Edward's

Karen Kruzycka - Green

Alexander Leatherbarrow - Labour 

Nisha Dilipkumar Patel - Conservative

Kerrie Marie Sait - Lib Dems

Alexander Daniel  Stilwell - Havering Residents' Association St Edward's

David Andrew Taylor - Conservative

David Richard Tyler - Havering Residents' Association St Edward's

Deborah Williams - Labour 

Upminster - three seats

Adam John Baker - Conservative

Patrick William Chalk - Labour 

Melanie Jane Collins - Green

Oscar Frank Ford - Upminster and Cranham Residents' Association

Linda Rose Hawthorn - Upminster and Cranham Residents' Association

Suzanne Louise McGeary - Labour 

Sally Anne Miller - Conservative

Bernice Robinson - Conservative

John Gregory Sullivan - Labour 

Christopher Wilkins - Upminster and Cranham Residents' Association