Election: Romford candidates questioned at church hustings

Parliamentary candidates for Romford

Parliamentary candidates for Romford - Credit: Archant

Last night the candidates vying to be Romford’s next MP answered questions from the public at a hustings organised by the constituency’s churches.

The panel was made up of Andrew Rosindell (Con), Sam Gould (Lab), Ian Sanderson (LibDem), Lorna Tooley (Green) and Gerard Batten (Ukip).

They were quizzed on the NHS, Immigration, local services, the retention of Christian values and whether they were cat or dog people.

Ms Tooley spoke of her desire to see a fairer society and the benefits immigration brings to the UK.

Mr Gould said he wanted to see more funding for the NHS and compassion and solidarity with the less well off.

Mr Rossindell spoke of Christian values being at the foundation of our society and the benefits of prosperity for the country.

Mr Batten said his party was not against immigration but that the UK needed to regain control of its borders.

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Mr Sanderson said the Liberal Democrats were the party for the people, not for business, the government or the trade unions.

Mr Sanderson, Mr Gould and Ms Tooley said they were cat people while Mr Rossindell - often seen with pooch Buster - was a dog person and Mr Batten abstained.

For a full report see Friday’s paper.

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