'Driven me nuts’: Disabled pensioner fighting fines issued after mobility vehicle died on pavement 

Keith Allen said that he has struggled to speak to anyone at Havering Council about his parking ticket

Keith Allen said that he has struggled to speak to anyone at Havering Council about his parking ticket, and that the fines have been stacking up - Credit: Keith Allen

A disabled 82-year-old is fighting fines he received when his mobility vehicle broke down on a pavement.  

Hornchurch-based Keith Allen, who struggles to walk because of an accident in his youth, said the incident occurred last September as he was en-route to a garage in Romford to fix his car. 

He had been having issues with the vehicle, he said, which he hoped an engineer could resolve. 

As he was driving along Victoria Road, Keith said he tried to get around another car into the workshop and lost power, resulting in him getting stuck on the pavement. 

He was eventually able to get his vehicle going again, but only after hoisting himself into the workshop on his crutches and discovering the person required was not there. 

It was upon returning home that a neighbour pointed out the parking ticket on Keith’s dashboard. 

What followed was, according to Keith, several months of letters from Havering Council with ever-increasing fines, while he and his daughter struggled to speak to anyone who could help his case. 

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Keith did receive a letter from the council in December last year rejecting his appeal, but he claims he has only very recently been made aware of it. 

At last count, Keith said the fines were clocking up close to £200. 

Cllr Osman Dervish, Havering’s cabinet member for environment, said as Keith has provided more information, the authority will be reviewing his case again.

Keith Allen

Keith Allen - Credit: Teresa Walby

“I think it’s a d*mn liberty," Keith said. “Especially when I mentioned all of the things that had happened, and nobody took any notice. All they do is keep sending me fines. 

“I’m a pensioner. And when I say a pensioner, I mean a pensioner. I’m old, but I’m not useless, if you understand what I mean.” 

Keith said he would not normally complain, but the entire process has “driven him nuts”. 

“I don’t do this kind of thing," he added. “And I’ve been driving for a few years.” 

Cllr Dervish said: “Mr Allen’s appeal was rejected as he had not provided evidence of a vehicle break down. Blue Badge holders are not exempt from parking on the pavement. 

“Since receiving more information from Mr Allen, we will now review his case and will be contacting him again for further evidence to support his claim.”