Dame Angela Watkinson MP urges Havering residents to vote remain

MP Angela Watkinson

MP Angela Watkinson - Credit: Archant

The Recorder has invited MPs to put forward their final arguments before Havering heads to the polls tomorrow to cast their votes in the EU referendum.

Hornchurch and Upminster’s MP Angela Watkinson supports remaining within the EU.

She said: “The benefits far outweigh the costs of EU membership.

“If we leave, we will have to negotiate new trading terms, after the 2 year withdrawal period – we don’t know how long that would take or what deal we might get.

“Inward investment would dry up and international confidence in our economy would be lost in this period of uncertainty, risking jobs, mortgage rates, fuel and other prices.

“Ending the free movement of people would mean losing access to the single market.

“We can’t go forward to the past. Not one Commonwealth country, from India to Tuvalu, wants us to leave. We are stronger, safer and better off in the EU.”

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