Councillor tributes paid to Havering Council officer Christine Dooley

At the start of last Wednesday’s Full Council meeting, tributes were paid to former Havering Council assistant chief executive Christine Dooley, who died last month.

Council leader Cllr Michael White said: “When I think about her I think about her professionalism and the way in which she gave her advice, particularly to me.

“She’ll be sorely missed by every one of us.”

Residents’ Association leader Cllr Clarence Barrett said: “She’ll be fondly remembered in Havering for many years to come.”

Independent Residents’ Group leader Cllr Jeff Tucker brought laughter to the chamber when he said: “I complained to her about several members about the way they treat me. She said to me: ‘don’t worry Cllr Tucker, they come and see me and complain about the same things about you’.

He added: “We all loved Christine and we’re all going to miss her and remember what a fantastic, beautiful, wonderful lady she was for us.”

Labour leader Cllr Keith Darvill said: “She was a fine person who I looked up to and will be missed.”

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Cllr Denis O’Flynn added his tribute, remembering the early days of her work for the council 28 years ago.

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