Council Tax freeze for Havering residents?

HAVERING Council Tax is set to be frozen for the year ahead to ease financial strain on residents, councillors say.

Last summer, following the Government’s emergency budget, Havering Council announced a savings plan of �19m over the next three years.

Of this more than �9 million will have to be found in this financial year.

The council has already been able to address around �1m of additional budget pressures.

Council leader Cllr Michael White said: “We know that times are tough and we are determined that wherever we can we should make savings through working more efficiently and cutting red tape rather than passing on the cost to tax payers.

“Last year we made a cut in Council Tax of 0.5 per cent. The work we have already done means that this year I am very pleased to say that we can freeze Council Tax.”

The cabinet will decide on the proposal on Wednesday evening (February 9), which will then go onto full council vote on February 23.

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