Council leader ‘I’m hoping for leave but my top concern is Havering’

Havering Council leader Cllr Roger Ramsey

Havering Council leader Cllr Roger Ramsey - Credit: Archant

Havering Council leader Cllr Roger Ramsey is hoping for a leave vote saying that services can not be provided to a growing population with dwindling resources.

He said: “I have come out in favour of leave and I’m hoping therefore that will be the result but whatever is the outcome my top concern has always been the borough and how we can keep up with increasing populations and inward migration of people at the same time as having all our money taken away.

“Whatever comes out of this I hope both the government and the EU will take notice of the fact that nearly 50 per cent of the population one way or another take a particular view.

“If we have to continue providing school places, housing for the homeless, social care and all the other services with smaller and smaller resources then it’s going to be very difficult for quality of life for our residents.”

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