Landowner given three months to clear hundreds of tonnes of dumped waste

Essex County Council first requested the waste be cleared earlier in the year, though no significant progress was made

Essex County Council first requested the waste be cleared earlier in the year - Credit: Google

Hundreds of tonnes of waste dumped on Green Belt in Brentwood must be removed by the landowner, said Essex County Council. 

The council first requested the landowner cease operations and clean up the 300 tonnes of trommel fines and soils from their site, just off Ashwells Road in Pilgrims Hatch, earlier this year. 

Despite the request, no significant progress was made, the local authority said. 

The council subsequently served an enforcement notice on May 25, with multiple conditions to be met. 

The enforcement came into effect on July 5, requiring dumping on the site to stop. All waste materials were also ordered to be removed within three months. 

In addition, the land must be restored to its original condition within four months. 

Essex County Council said it will continue to monitor the site to ensure compliance and no further unauthorised activities. 

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In a statement, the council said: “On May 25, in context that the waste materials have been brought onto the site without the benefit of planning permission and that planning permission would not likely be granted in retrospect, Essex County Council as the waste planning authority served an enforcement notice on the landowner.”