Little Maisie’s joy at letter from the Queen!

AS FAR as pen-pals go you don’t get much grander than little Maisie Jane Harvey’s.

Inspired by news of the forthcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the six-year-old decided to write to the Queen - inviting her round for tea.

Unfortunately, Her Majesty was rather busy and wasn’t able to make the date, but she did send her thanks – via a Buckingham Palace scribe – to the youngster.

Maisie, a pupil at James Oglethorpe Primary School, in Ashvale Gardens, Upminster, was over the moon when she received the response last week.

“There’s been so much in the news about the wedding. Maisie’s friend decided to write to the Queen and then so did Maisie.” Mum Zoe Harvey, from St Mary’s Lane, Upminster, said.

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“Maisie loves her letter; she looks at it all the time. I really didn’t think she would get a reply so when she did I thought it was really sweet. When it arrived it made her day - she was jumping up and down.”

She added: “Maisie’s definitely a royalist.”

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In her letter, Maisie told the Queen all about her pet Shih-Tzu called Elsie as well as her favorite lessons at school – history, naturally – and her best friend, Lucy.

And the Queen was said to be “pleased” to hear from Maisie, adding she “greatly appreciated your kind thought for her.”

Maisie also received some information packs on Buckingham Palace, royal pets and the Queen’s early life.

Now, wordsmith Maisie is planning more missives to the Queen as well as Prime Minster David Cameron.

Maisie said: “I was really excited about the letter. My friends thought it was nice. I want the Prime Minster to come to dinner. He might come.”

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