Large pothole on a Hornchurch road frustrates residents

John Cross and Brian Steadman have complained to the council about the pothole outside of their home

John Cross and Brian Steadman have complained to the council about the pothole outside of their homes in Suttons Lane - Credit: Archant

Hornchurch residents expressed their frustration as a large pothole outside their home grew in size, and became more hazardous.

John Cross, 62, and Brian Steadman from Suttons Lane, complained to Havering Council about a large pothole which they believe has been caused by buses that stop on their road.

John told the Recorder: “The hole has got even bigger, and the road is completely broken up, it’s terrible. As cars go by all the gravel from the pothole ends up outside of our properties.

“This high lights the issues with road maintenance in this area.”

A spokesman from Havering Council said: “After being alerted to an issue on Suttons Lane, a Council officer inspected the area on the same day (January 18) and ordered for a section of damaged carriageway, approximately 7m by 4m to be repaired as a priority.

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“Following a further visit yesterday, the same officer noticed that a smaller area within the orginal damaged section required an urgent repair to keep the location safe until the wider resurfacing could be scheduled for completion.

“Some residents may have misinterpreted the emergency work as a permanent fix.

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“It’s simply a make-safe temporary measure until the scheduled permanent repair is completed. Officers will continue to ensure the location is visited and kept safe until the resurfacing can be completed.”

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