Keane’s West Ham misses add fuel to conspiracy theorists

Another game, another miss from Tottenham loanee Robbie Keane, people are getting suspicious!

The conspiracy theorists have been in their element this week. Osama Bin Laden is not dead, the Americans have concocted the whole story.

Well, there is a new one being formulated at Upton Park. Tottenham sent Robbie Keane to scupper West Ham’s hopes of Premier League survival to get them back for losing the battle for the Olympic Stadium.

Preposterous? Of course it is, like most conspiracy theories, but Keane himself has provided plenty of ammunition for those who may be keen to believe it.

Against Chelsea and Manchester City, Jonathan Spector had slotted passes through to the Tottenham loanee, but on both occasions he fluffed his lines, shooting wide against Chelsea and failing to lift the ball over Joe Hart at Eastlands.

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Saturday’s miss against Blackburn was even easier and even more galling when you consider the importance that it might have on Premier League survival.

With the best will in the world, the Hammers were never really likely to take more than a point from Chelsea or Manchester City, but against Blackburn it was surely a must win, and Keane’s miss meant it finished in a draw.

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Grant was quick to defend the striker, but he must have been wondering how one of the most successful strikers in the Premier League is now missing chances like he has his boots on the wrong feet.

“He said to me he wished he knew why he missed. He is a good lad and I don’t have any intention to kill him,” said Grant with tongue firmly in cheek, but nevertheless fully aware of the implications behind that miss.

“I think a player like Robbie Keane and others who missed chances today, like the header of Demba Ba, they want to score.

“They want to score, but they didn’t score and I wish I knew why.”

Keane has scored two goals in eight appearances since his arrival in January, though injury has affected a Hammers career that will be extended with a �6million summer move if he is able to keep West Ham in the Premier League.

Saturday’s miss may well have sabotaged those hopes, but Grant is not playing the blame game.

“He is not happy,” said Grant. “He came here to score and in the last three games he had three big chances, but I cannot blame him.

“He made a good move against Chelsea, a good move against Man City and a great move against Blackburn. I feel sorry about him, even though I don’t want to feel sorry about any player.

“He did everything good, but it doesn’t count. As you know I can’t kill him for this and I will not.

“He had big chances because he has intelligent moves, something we needed more of in the first half of the season.”

Grant must be worried about his big January signing, that is why the Republic of Ireland international has found himself on the bench in two of the last four games.

But the 30-year-old has scored over 200 goals in a career that has seen him play in England, Scotland and Italy and cost a staggering combined transfer fee of over �70million.

He has the experience, he has the record, now it is a question of whether Grant has the faith in Keane to provide the goals that will win the game at Wigan next Sunday.

We shall see.

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