Don't listen to Covid deniers and vaccine doubters

Labour MP Jon Cruddas

Jon Cruddas, MP for Dagenham and Rainham. - Credit: Sophie Cox

There will be very few of us who will be sorry to see the back of 2020. 

For so many, too many, it was a year of sadness and loss. Loss of the lives of loved ones and a feeling that futures have been put at risk with businesses taking such hard knocks and facing uncertainties and so much job insecurity.

And yet there are genuine signs of hope. Scientists around the world have worked successfully to produce vaccines that will defeat Covid. 

It’s vital that the vaccination roll out is handled efficiently with high take up and that we all continue to exercise care. 
We shouldn’t listen to the Covid deniers and those dangerous voices doubting the vaccines.

The truth that in adversity you see some of the best in people has again shone through. There’s been a fantastic blooming of volunteering across Havering; the work of the Rainham Foodbank is inspiring and is just one example locally. 

If proof was needed these months have shown that there is such a thing as society and that it is alive and well. 
The dog eat dog beliefs of those who seek to drive divisions in society produce no good endings for anyone.

On a personal note I commit to working throughout 2021 to support local people, businesses and voluntary organisations. 
I will be pressing the government to step up to properly resource our local health services, schools and police. 

Much greater effort is needed to offer positive futures for young people. 

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Failure to do so would be the biggest mistake the government could make in a long list over the last year. 

That wonderful sense of unity that came from those Thursday evening doorstep clapping sessions and the rainbow posters in the windows must be followed up by government action and support.

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