Hands up anyone in east London having an illicit affair... well, that’s quite a lot of you!

Secret affair? Picture: Anthony Devlin/PA

Secret affair? Picture: Anthony Devlin/PA - Credit: PA

More people are having undercover affairs in the East End than almost anywhere in London, according to the people who know about illicit relationships.

East London is a hotbed of illicit affairs, according to the latest survey. Picture: Illicit Encount

East London is a hotbed of illicit affairs, according to the latest survey. Picture: Illicit Encounters - Credit: Illicit Encounters

And that’s even under six months of lockdown!

We have probably around 18,700 secret affairs going on in Tower Hamlets — a hotbed of activity with the highest number of secret lovers than any other London borough bar just one, says Illicit Encounters married dating website’s annual survey.

Neighbouring Newham to the east isn’t far behind on London’s “naughty list” with 10,000 liaisons, in 9th position, while Hackney to the north has 6,000 but only makes it to 28th place.

The more faithful folk in Redbridge get away with 7,000 affairs, way down at 24th on the love rat liaison list of 33 London boroughs, chased by Barking and Dagenham one place underneath with 6,600.

Go further out, however, and Havering seems to be a slightly more faithful with way fewer than 6,000 discrete relationships in 30th position.

“East London is seeing a decline in affairs and not as adulterous as previous years,” Illicit Encounters’ Jessica Leoni will have it.

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“East Enders are more likely to be unattached and free-spirited, or simply so settled into marital life that the idea of an affair sounds like a dream.”

Only the leafy suburbs of Brent, within a hugging cuddle of Wembley stadium, have more extra-marital goings-on than Tower Hamlets, around 20,000 and positioned on top of the pile of naughties.

But the City beats everywhere in London for “love loyalty” with its citizens wrapped up in just 227 assignations in the sparsely-populated Square Mile, according to Illicit Encounters.

Nationwide, the “most faithful town in Britain” believe it or not is in Essex — and that’s Canvey Island in the Thames estuary.

Where are you on London’s ‘naughty list? East London emboldened with its affairs:

1 Brent 20,374

2 Tower Hamlets: 18,741 illicit encounters

3 Croydon: 17,205

4 Barnet: 12,365

5 Camden: 12,218

6 Lewisham: 11,850

7 Harrow: 11,730

8 Lambeth: 10,794

9 Newham: 10,357 affairs

10 Merton: 9,882

11 Hillingdon: 9,854

12 Enfield: 9,650

13 Southwark: 9,540

14 Bromley: 9,181

15 Wandsworth: 9,142

16 Hammersmith & Fulham: 8,851

17 Kensington & Chelsea: 8,615

18 Hounslow: 8,523

19 Greenwich: 8,521

20 Westminster: 8,226

21 Waltham Forest: 7,776 affairs

22 Kingston: 7,628

23 Ealing: 7,433

24 Redbridge: 7,061 affairs

25 Barking & Dagenham: 6,599 affairs

26 Bexley: 6,590

27 Haringey: 6,272

28 Hackney: 6,163 affairs

29 Islington: 6,116

30 Havering: 5,911 affairs

31 Sutton: 5,854

32 Richmond: 5,431

33 City of London: 227 assignations