People in Rush Green discuss homelessness in Havering

Melissa Mensah, 29, a midwife

Melissa Mensah, 29, a midwife - Credit: Daniel Gayne

The issue of homelessness in Havering was a familiar one to people the Recorder spoke to in Rush Green this week. 

Louis Bixby, 24, a college student studying customer service, said he had “seen it quite a lot" where he lives in Romford town centre. 

He said: “Seeing people out on the streets – it’s not good to sleep out there you know. 

“You need to find homes for them to go to live at.” 

He felt more should be done to show people where to find support and let them know they are not alone. 

Louis Bixby, 24, a college student studying customer service

Louis Bixby, 24, a college student studying customer service - Credit: Daniel Gayne

Midwife Melissa Mensah believed homelessness had “always been an issue"  in the town centre.

The 29-year-old Rush Green resident said: “I can’t see any resources – there’s the YMCA and there’s a foodbank but it’s not something that I would know much about, it’s not really obvious."

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“Especially at this time of year, it’s not very nice to be homeless and, with Covid and everything, a lot of people have been quite unfortunate so I do think it's something that does need to be addressed. 

“Homelessness affects people, Covid or no Covid, and I do think it's something we need to look at, perhaps creating more shelters.” 

She added that she would “definitely” like to see more support for the homeless. 

Tracy Swain, from Rush Green, thought there is more homelessness than there used to be. 

June Fox, also from Rush Green, said they regularly give donations to their local foodbank as a way of contributing. 

June Fox and Tracy Swain from Rush Green

June Fox and Tracy Swain from Rush Green - Credit: Daniel Gayne

“All the poor people that sit out there, it’s so cold”, she said. 

Tracy added: “It’s nice to chip in where you can, but I do think there should be a more permanent thing put in place to get them off the street.” 

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