Romford woman 'fuming' after council demands Christmas wreath removal

Christmas Wreath

The wreath Susan has been told to remove from her front door - Credit: Susan Fuge

A Romford woman has been told to remove her Christmas wreath after the council deemed it “potentially hazardous”.  

On December 13, Susan Fuge, 62, and her neighbours received an urgent removal of items in communal areas letter from the council.

The notice requested all Christmas wreaths to be removed or tenants could risk a fine.  

Susan, who has lived in her flat in London Road for almost 40 years, said: “It’s absolutely ridiculous that decorations are all of a sudden a fire hazard." 

A Havering Council spokesperson said it is their responsibility to keep communal areas clear for the safety of tenants.   

They added: “While we don't want to be humbugs, decorations such as wreaths, tinsel, lights or doormats could not only be a fire risk but in some cases, could block fire escape routes and hinder the emergency services in the event of a fire.” 

Susan said: “How can it be clutter when it’s on my door?

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“I am fuming and I just can’t believe it. We have always put up decorations in the communal area as it’s nice for the children.”  

The council’s spokesperson said they “encourage the festive holiday spirit” but safety remains their “highest priority".  

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