Family 'sleeps with one ear open' after repeated flooding in heavy rain

Main Road floods

Flooding on Main Road in Romford on October 5. - Credit: Catherine Hull

A Romford family are forced to sleep "with one ear open" because their property floods with every downpour.

Catherine Hull, who lives on Main Road with her mum Patricia Miles following her dad’s death in May this year, described the situation as an “ongoing nightmare”.

She said for the last 10 years their garage has flooded every time there is heavy rain.


Catherine has to "sleep with one ear open" to listen out for rain which can lead to flooding. - Credit: Catherine Hull

This is because water gathers on the road, but Havering Council’s spokesperson said it "checked the road gullies and they are running clear”. 

They are “sorry to hear about the issues", the spokesperson added, and said it is possible "tree roots are causing a blockage" in the main sewer. 

Catherine said: “Every time a car comes down the road, water pours onto our drive, flooding the garage and my neighbour's garden. 

“They know there is a problem, but nothing is happening.

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"I can’t keep having to check on the garage every time it rains. It is anxiety inducing and everything is a nightmare.” 

Havering Council’s spokesperson confirmed it is working with Thames Water to get the main sewer "checked and cleared" and said it is "hoped the matter will be sorted out soon”.

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