'Horrific maze': call for block to be repaired and scaffolding taken down

Rainham flat block with cladding problems

The external view of Kingfisher Court on Rainham Road South with the scaffolding still in place. Picture taken May 14. - Credit: Submitted

A housing association has been urged to finish repairs and remove scaffolding on a tower block after its cladding was damaged back in March. 

This newspaper was contacted by a resident of Metropolitan Thames Valley's (MTVH) Kingfisher Court, an apartment complex close to the border between Barking and Dagenham and Havering in Rainham Road South.

Wishing to remain anonymous, they voiced grievances about the state of the building, which has been surrounded in scaffolding since high winds caused a cladding panel to come loose on March 11.

MTVH says the scaffolding has been inspected on a weekly basis since then and will remain in place until all inspections and work have been completed.

The resident said the housing association was contacted "immediately": "This section of Rainham Road South is very busy with traffic and a crossing directly outside for school children. 

"The housing association have responded by erecting scaffolding around the entire building. There remains a large section of broken and loose cladding that hasn’t been removed or secured two months after the event."

Describing the scaffolding as "a horrific maze leading into nowhere", the resident claimed they have not been kept informed about the progress of the repairs and that they have not seen anyone working on the site since March.

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Confirming the continued presence of the scaffolding, a spokesperson for Metropolitan Thames Valley (MTVH) said: "In line with our safety policy the scaffolding is inspected on a weekly basis and we have provided residents with details of a named contact person via text message in case they have any questions or queries."

Following further inspections the day after the incident - March 12 - similar scaffolding was also erected on the neighbouring Goldfinch House. This too remains in place.

This newspaper has seen a screenshot of an online portal which indicates that repairs have been completed: "Repair order completed 18 days ago."

When asked about this finding and to confirm when the scaffolding will be removed, the spokesperson said: "The scaffolding will remain in place until we have carried out all our inspections, including that of an independent expert, and any works that are necessary are completed.

"We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause our residents."

There are 44 flats - and four floors - in Kingfisher Court, which was built 11 years ago.