'Loud and disruptive': Rainham neighbours call for end to three-year cemetery works

David Read

Acer Avenue resident David Read said the construction works are 'detrimental' to residents' health - Credit: David Read

Neighbours have called for an end to construction work on a Rainham cemetery which has been “loud and disruptive" for three years.  

Works in the Upminster Road North site began in 2019, with residents saying they were initially told it would take ten weeks. However, construction is still ongoing in 2022.

This newspaper attempted to contact the site's owner but did not receive a response. 

In 2019 Elysium director Daniel Moretti told this newspaper that the company purchased the land and proposed three separate areas for different faiths, as well as a circular central hub with views out across the whole cemetery. 

In a letter addressed to residents, Daniel, who is also director of RED Landscapes Limited – the company carrying out the works  – acknowledged there had been a number of complaints.   

He went on to promise works would not start before 10am and would finish by 3pm, and water bowser machines would “reduce the amount of loose material on the surface of the land”.

He wrote works should take no longer than 10 weeks from May 2020.  

“In a gesture of goodwill, we will also like to offer all residents affected the opportunity to have their rear patios and front drives jet cleaned, all windows cleaned and any cars that have been affected cleaned also,” it read.  

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A Havering Council spokesperson said: “We’ve received a complaint about the work at the cemetery and have been in contact with the resident and the developers to work out how we can best resolve these issues.”  

David lives with his five-year-old son and 74-year-old mum Christine, who has recently had an operation due to lung cancer.

He said the noise and dust pollution made sitting in his back garden “impossible”. 

The 37-year-old single dad-of-one said the building work has had an impact on his mental health.

David Read

The view from David's back garden - Credit: David Read


David had hoped to build an annex in his garden for his mum, but he has been forced to halt the plans due to the cemetery works, he claimed. 

David added: “There is constantly a low drumming vibration that translates into a headache once you notice it. It’s detrimental to our health.”  


The view from Chloe's window - Credit: Chloe

Chloe, who also lives in Acer Avenue and wishes to go by just her first name, said works are “loud and disruptive" and residents’ cars and gardens are covered in dust.

“We can’t leave windows open because the dust enters our homes or do simple things like hang out the washing or let children play in the garden," she said.