Rainham 'trip hazard’ tree removed after being deemed ‘high risk’

Removed tree

Adele said it took "three years of chasing Havering Council" to get the tree removed. - Credit: Adele Payne

A tree which made a pavement uneven in Rainham, causing an 82-year-old to trip and injure her back, has been removed after three years of complaints.  

Adele Payne, 62, has been "chasing" the council to inspect the location for three years, following her mother Sylvia Payne, who has osteoporosis, tripping on the uneven paving and injuring her back in 2018.

In a letter from the Highway Tree Team, dated October 27, it stated that the ‘high risk tree’ needed to be removed as it had been “deemed in need of removal due to encroachment of large roots”.  

tree stump

The tree was deemed high risk due to the encroachment of its large roots which caused damage to the surrounding pavement and Sylvia's garden wall. - Credit: Adele Payne

A spokesperson for Havering Council confirmed the tree had been removed.  

They added: “The pavement has been prepared for repair which will take place next week.” 

Adele who called the tree roots a "trip hazard", said: “Had I not emailed our ward councillors, local MP and the Romford Recorder, I very much doubt they would have taken any action.”  

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