Orchard Village: Cladding to be replaced at no cost to residents, confirms Clarion 

Orchard Village, Rainham

Clarion Housing, which runs the Orchard Village estate in Rainham, confirmed that residents "will not be required to make any financial contributions towards the cost of the work”  - Credit: Archant

Dangerous cladding and other flammable elements will be removed from Orchard Village in Rainham at no cost to residents. 

That is what Clarion Housing, which runs the estate, told occupants after they reported concerns in the Recorder last year about the buildings being a potential fire hazard.

Since then, they have been awaiting an update from Clarion as to the extent of safety works to their homes. 

As the buildings in the estate are all under 18 metres tall, they do not qualify for the government fund designated for the removal of unsafe cladding, which left residents facing the possibility of having to front some of the cost. 

Orchard Village

Concerns were previously reported by the Recorder relating to the cladding on Orchard Village being potentially flammable - Credit: Archant

However, a Clarion spokesperson has now confirmed that, following the final report from an independent chartered fire engineer, it will be replacing the cladding and some of the timber elements around the buildings. 

Crucially, they added leaseholders and shared owners "will not be required to make any financial contributions towards the cost of the work”. 

Jon Cruddas, MP for Dagenham and Rainham, who has previously condemned the situation, said he has been in regular contact with Clarion since the tragedy at Grenfell Tower to ensure fire safety works take place at Orchard Village. 

Dagenham and Rainham Labour MP Jon Cruddas. Picture: HM Government.

Jon Cruddas, MP for Dagenham and Rainham - Credit: Archant

He said: “I am pleased that Clarion have responded positively to my requests and in particular that they have agreed to not recharge the cost of the works to leaseholders and tenants. 

"The cladding scandal was the responsibility of the manufacturers of the materials and the developers of the buildings - the residents are completely blameless. This has been something that has been hanging over the heads of leaseholders and now they can rest assured.” 

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On procurement for contractors for the role, Clarion said it has started the process, and “will continue to provide residents with updates on the process and timescales" as soon as it is able.

According to Mr Cruddas, he has been told that the work is due to begin in July this year, and can take up to two years to be fully complete.