Plans to demolish council garages to build supported living for young people and disabled adults

The existing disused garages in Mawney Close

The existing disused garages in Mawney Close - Credit: Google

Plans have been put forward to demolish 60 disused council-owned garages to make space for new accommodation for both young people and adults with disabilities. 

Havering Council housing services recently submitted two separate planning applications for sites in Mawneys and Pettits ward. 

It wants to knock down 48 garages at the end of Mawney Close and replace them with a two-storey building containing eight self-contained studio apartments for young people between the ages of 18 and 24. 

The 12 garages at the end of Mowbrays Close would be replaced with another two-storey housing scheme, with six self-contained one-bedroom apartments offering supported living for adults with disabilities. 

Staff and communal facilities at both sides mean the residents would have 24-hour support. 

There would also be four car parking spaces at each site – one of which is wheelchair accessible – and an external store for bicycles. 

Both developments would begin in April 2022 and completed in October 2023. 

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Find out more about the applications using reference numbers P0048.22 and P0049.22