'Gazillion-volts' power line planned to go through Brentwood village

Brentwood Council are awarding a further £770,000 for small and micro businesses. Picture: Sylvia Ke

Brentwood Borough Council has said it is reviewing the National Grid's proposals - Credit: Sylvia Kent

Potential home-buyers may be put off purchasing in a proposed Brentwood village as plans are unveiled to install up to 50-metre-tall pylons and run a 400kv power line through the land. 

Dunton Garden Village, which will consist of 4,000 homes as well as schools, healthcare and other amenities, is vital to Brentwood’s newly-adopted Local Plan, accounting for around a third of its housing needs between 2016 and 2033. 

The National Grid says the installation of the pylons is essential to ensuring a reliable power supply, but Brentwood Borough Council says it is reviewing the proposals. 

Russel Quirk, a Brentwood-based property expert, said the power line, which will transfer electricity generated by nuclear and wind, could however temper enthusiasm in the village. 

He said: “Whilst the data may say that living beneath such a power line is safe, sentiment from would-be home purchasers at the proposed Dunton Garden suburb may well be affected by the thought of a gazillion volts of electricity hovering over their heads. 

“It reminds me of mobile telephone masts and the uproar there was when these are proposed in localities near to residential properties.

"Should it matter? No. Will it? I suspect it rather might.”