New council housing allocation rules to come into force, with hike in the amount eligible tenants can earn and save

Havering Cabinet meeting on housing

The changes to the Housing Allocations Scheme, approved by Havering Council last year, are due to go live on August 1 - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

Prospective social housing tenants will soon have greater flexibility around income and savings caps.

The council-run Housing Allocations Scheme is the method by which social housing is allocated in Havering. 

Under the previous rules, applicants could earn no more than a combined £36,000 to be eligible for a home. 

The new scheme - which is due to go live on August 1 having been approved by the council last year - will introduce a two-tier system with the cap set at £50,000 for those with one or more children. 

The figure for single people and couples without children remains at £36,000, although they can now have savings up to £30,000, up from £16,000. 

Furthermore, a separate Opportunities Register will be available to those who do not qualify for social housing.  

Free to residents, it will provide updates on shared-ownership opportunities and advice for people wanting to buy a home. 

Patrick Odling-Smee, director of housing, said: "This scheme is the work of extensive consultation with residents, tenants and the wider community, and it is imperative we adapt our policies to keep in line with the real-life situations our residents face."