Mum fears gaping ceiling left by workers will 'collapse' on children

Gaping Ceiling

The ceiling has been left half missing for around six weeks, according to Natalie Howe. - Credit: Natalie Howe

A mother living in Harold Hill has called on the council to fix a gaping ceiling she is worried will collapse on her children.  

Natalie Howe lives in Harold Hill with her four children, aged two to 16. 

After Havering Council fixed a leak which had been ongoing for two years, Natalie was left with what she describes as “half a ceiling”.

A spokesperson for the authority said it is working with Natalie to repair a “number of issues relating to her roof ceiling".

The 37-year-old claims the ceiling has been left for “around six weeks” and said during that time, she has constantly lived in fear of it falling down.  

Missing Ceiling

The right side of the missing ceiling. - Credit: Natalie Howe

She said: “We live on edge that the ceiling could collapse on any of the children and it isn’t good for my family's health.  

“Having half the ceiling missing causes the house to be constantly cold - I have been left in this state even though I have young children.” 

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The council spokesperson said it has visited the home to “agree the works required” and confirmed “repairs are set to begin next week”.  

In the meantime, they said Havering Council will give Natalie any additional support needed.