Gallows Corner Tesco: Appeal for 87-home development dismissed by inspector

Second protest against proposed development of Tesco Gallows Corner car park into 87 homes.

One of the protests against the proposed development of the Gallows Corner Tesco. - Credit: Ellie Hoskins

An appeal for an 87-home development on the Gallows Corner Tesco car park has been rejected by a planning inspector. 

Harold Wood residents and the developer Weston Homes had been awaiting a decision since a hearing in May

The hearing had been organised following an appeal lodged by Weston Homes, after Havering Council refused the initial application last year

The plans, which involved the construction of one- to three-bedroom homes between three to five stories high, had been subject to various protests, with an opposition group formed to contest the proposal

Complaints from residents included concerns about the quality and size of the proposed flats, plus the loss of much of the existing Tesco car park. 

Tesco Extra at Gallows Corner

Tesco Extra at Gallows Corner - Credit: Ken Mears

Havering Council officers rejected the application on several grounds, such as its potential impact on amenity space, an insufficient number of car parking spots and the homes were deemed “out of character” with other developments in the area.

A spokesperson for Weston Homes said it was "naturally disappointed" about the decision, but "remains committed to devising and delivering proposals that appeal to all the stakeholders involved" at the site. 

Sharon Heron, an organiser of the protests who lives near the site, said she is “very pleased” with the decision. 

“We are all really, really pleased,” she said. “It’s fantastic news.” 

Sharon said she believed the flats would have been “very large and imposing”, adding: “It’s not a nice place to live.” 

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Asked whether she thinks this marks the end of the fight against the development, Sharon said: “If they did [decide to reapply], we would rally everyone up again to stop them.” 

Cllr Brian Eagling, one of the three Harold Wood East Havering Residents’ Group councillors, said they were also “absolutely delighted”. 

“We had our say at the appeal and they took notice of that. So, we are absolutely delighted that it got refused,” he said. 

Cllr Eagling extended his thanks to those who took part in handing out leaflets and the protests. 

“People power sometimes does work.” 

A spokesperson for Weston Homes said: “Weston Homes is naturally disappointed that the appeal regarding the planning proposals for the Gallows Corner site have been dismissed.  

“Weston Homes remains committed to devising and delivering proposals that appeal to all the stakeholders involved in the planning process for the site.”