Hornchurch woman’s seven parking fines overturned

A woman who received seven fines for parking outside Gidea Park Station has had them all quashed – saving her �400.

Lisa Marie Webster’s partner dropped her off at the station every morning so she can get the train to work.

She said the council’s CCTV Smart Car issued them with fines for stopping outside the station.

Miss Webster, from Russetts, Hornchurch, said she and her partner were issued with seven penalty notices, and said when watching the videos, which were only a few seconds long, there was insufficient evidence to show they were in the wrong.

The council has since cancelled the fines because of a lack of video evidence for three tickets and technicalities for the remaining four.

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Miss Webster added: “I felt I had to appeal all of the cases as all of them were issued unfairly with no evidence and with ridiculous reasoning.

“I cannot believe how many people must be receiving the same unfair treatment and are probably paying the fines.”

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The incidents occurred in June but she was notified this week by the council following the appeals that all seven fines had been dismissed.

Miss Webster added: “I am elated to finally receive letters from the parking enforcement informing me that all of the penalties have been dropped.

“I would encourage everyone who has incurred unfair notices at Gidea Park to appeal and fight the case, especially if you are in a strong mind that you are parked correctly.”

Cllr Barry Tebbutt, cabinet member for environment, said: “We have made some simple mistakes in these instances and are tightening our procedures to ensure we don’t make them in the future.

“We want to clamp down on illegal parking outside Gidea Park Station and have the support of the police and bus companies. Illegal parking causes obstructions, congestion and a potential danger to pedestrians and other motorists.

“Four of these seven penalties were issued for parking in the road next to zig zag lines and blocking oncoming traffic. They were cancelled for a technicality because the penalty notice had the incorrect contravention code. The other three were cancelled because the video evidence was not conclusive.”

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