Hornchurch students relive World Cup glory

CREATIVE youngsters relived England’s footie World Cup glory as part of an exciting heritage project.

The students from Nelmes Primary School in Wingletye Lane, Hornchurch took part in the Schools’ Creative Response Project at the Queen’s Theatre in Billet Lane, Hornchurhc on Wednesday November 24.

Project Co-ordinator Simon Bowes said: “To develop their creative responses students had bene working with oral histories gathered from local people, identifying themes such as immigration, industrial action and national pride.”

The project saw the four and five year olds staging a performance of a showcase themed on England’s 1966 World Cup, focussing on the World Cup’s first ever mascot-a Union Jack wearing lion called World Cup WIllie

They also presented a life sixed banner depicting the lion, coloured in using paintings and photographs before reciting a poem about lions featuring lots of ferocious roaring.

Simon said: “The children have explored the experiences of moving to a new country, thought about youth culture and studied the politics of work and labour.”

The project was part of a the theatre’s on going Down The River And Up The Road Oral History Project looking at local people’s memories about key periuods from 1945 to the 1970s.