Hornchurch residents warn 12.5m-high telephone mast would be eyesore in Albany Road neighbourhood

Residents around Albany Road are objecting to a planning application for a 12.5m high telephone mast

Residents around Albany Road are objecting to a planning application for a 12.5m high telephone mast, which would be more than twice as tall as the rest of the neighbourhood - Credit: Archant

A man is considering selling his home of 30 years after a planning application was submitted to the council for a 12.5m-high telephone mast outside the property.

Paul Moon, 48, of Albany Road, Hornchurch, said the mast would be “an absolute monstrosity” and vowed to “fight it all the way” if planning permission is granted.

The mast would be erected on the grass verge in front of his house, at the junction between Albany Road and Chestnut Avenue.

Mr Moon said: “People living next door would be about five metres from the mast and it would be nearly three times higher than the houses in the area.

“Everyone would be able to see it.”

The planning application is the third put in by Telefonica UK, after the two previous ones were refused by the planning committee.

An application for a 15m mast was rejected in February on the grounds it would be “a visually-intrusive feature in the street scene”.

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Mr Moon, who bought his home when he was 17, said: “I certainly would not want a mobile phone mast outside my house and I would consider selling it.”

He described the area as boasting “nice residential streets”, with children often seen playing on the green, and argued that there is no need for another mast.

Neighbour Barbara Holland, who has lived in her house for more than 60 years, said the mast would be as close as 5m from her front door and said she does not “want it at all”.

Cllr Jody Ganly (Hylands, Residents’ Group) also expressed concerns, saying she is “strongly objected” to the application.

“I know the residents don’t want it and they were very concerned last time – they have to go through it all over again,” she said.

“I wouldn’t want it either if it was my property – it would just look completely out of character and it is in close proximity to Albany and Wykeham schools.”

There are two telephone masts in Hylands ward – in Upper Rainham Road and Hornchurch Road.

A decision is expected by November 27.