Hornchurch residents oppose plans to replace single bungalow with six two-storey houses

An aerial view of the bungalow in Haynes Road, Hornchurch, which developers are planning to demolish

An aerial view of the bungalow in Haynes Road, Hornchurch, which developers are planning to demolish and replace with six two-storey houses. - Credit: Archant

Residents have formed an action group to oppose plans to build six two-storey houses on the space of one bungalow in Hornchurch.

Housing developer Aventier has submitted a planning application to demolish a bungalow in Haynes Road and build six two-storey houses with nine parking spaces, cycle storages and a refuse store in its place.

A statement in the Design and Access documents reads: "The main purpose of the development is to deliver six good quality new homes for the fast-growing population in Havering.

"In response to the pre-application comments, the proposed building offers spacious private amenity spaces, functional houses and large areas of soft landscaping to provide a healthy environment for future occupiers."

Residents who live in the area are concerned that the development will lead to a loss of privacy for the people whose houses surround the development area.

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Jeff Horne told the Recorder that the new houses will look directly into the garden of his home in Haynes Road.

He said: "The land on the [development] site is approximately 500mm higher than my garden which would mean these proposed dwellings would sit higher in the ground making their first floor windows have a direct view into my house and garden therefore denying me of any privacy.

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"Currently a lot of commuters already park up Haynes Road and the proposal would encourage more with the convenient access and short cut being provided."

Tony Hatch from Haynes Road, added: "We have 40 to 50 households involved because of all of the issues with parking. "We were one of the gardens that was bought off by the person who built the bungalow and now when we look out of our kitchen we're going to see these two-storey buildings.

"Parking in particular is going to be a massive issue.

"You've got all of the technicalities of going from two people living in a bungalow to potentially 23 people with nine car parking spaces in the same area."

Joan Martin also lives in Haynes Road.

She said: "We're going to get the noise of all of the cars and the houses overlooking us.

"It's such an overdevelopment and we're all really unhappy about it."

Havering Council is due to make a decision about the planning application by December 6.

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