Signals at Hornchurch 'crash hotspot' now under review

 junction between Hacton Lane and Wingletye Lane

According to Alan, road accidents at the junction between Hacton Lane and Wingletye Lane have increased - Credit: Google Images

Traffic signals at an alleged car crash hotspot in Hornchurch are being "reviewed".  

The junction of concern is the crossroads of between Hacton Lane and Wingletye Lane, where a traffic measure was put in place this summer.

In November, a woman was taken to hospital after being in a crash on Wingletye Lane.

Alan North, who lives in Hornchurch, is “convinced” collisions at the site are due to a “completely misaligned traffic light system”, and is calling on Havering Council to look into the site with “urgency”. 

However, a spokesperson for the authority said they are aware of the problems around the junction and are working to "overcome some of the issues".

Alan claims he has never witnessed so many traffic accidents at one site in his 30 years of living in Hornchurch.

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He said: “For some inexplicable reason there are two traffic lights (no more than a yard apart) facing in the same direction. 

“Consequently, when vehicles are waiting to turn right from Hornchurch into Hacton Lane or from Upminster into Wingletye Lane and positioned in the centre of the road, there is absolutely no way of knowing when the lights have turned red and the oncoming traffic has halted.” 

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The council’s spokesperson said they are working with Transport for London (TfL) to “review the signal timings” in Wingletye Lane and Upminster Road, which they say “should help to overcome some the issues caused at the junction”. 

Alan also described the recent traffic measures that have been introduced - no left turn from Wingletye Lane into Minster Way and no right turn from Minister Way into Wingletye Lane - as a “farce”.

A Havering Council spokesperson confirmed this initiative was to tackle the problems.

“In June 2021, we introduced a trial scheme for a minimum of six months to tackle the problems around this junction," they said.

“The aim is to stop vehicles queuing and from using Minster Way as a rat run. 

“Traffic has increased in the area since we came out of lockdown, but regular surveys of the site and traffic counts are being carried out to help us come up with the right solution to make the area safer.  

“This includes air pollution, which is regularly monitored across the borough.” 

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