Hornchurch man to teach young people self-defence to combat knife crime

A Hornchurch man is offering knife awareness training and self defence classes to teenagers in an attempt to crack down on crime in Havering.

Mike Payne, 33, an ex-Royal Military Policeman who has served in Iraq and Bosnia, said he wanted to use his training to help make the borough a safer place to live.

He has set up Penta Defence System, a self-defence course, which includes legal awareness about carrying a knife, tips on not showing your wealth, and physical-response techniques.

He said: “I got the idea because I have two young girls, and I don’t want them to be around crime. I have seen crime, and the rise of knife crime in Havering, and wanted to do something because there is an issue with crime and it is becoming more common.

“A big part of tackling it is through education at a young age and through parents. If we can get the message to them in schools then maybe we can help.”

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He added: “If I can change one person’s life through doing this then it is worth it.”

Mike said about the course: “I would teach the basics of the law and the background on people carrying knives. It would also give self-defence techniques to help you if you are attacked by someone with a knife.

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“The course is geared towards young people and adults, but the self-defence would be taught to those aged 16 and above. We would look at techniques, like if someone comes up from beyond you with a knife, what you would do.”

Mike has run back-to-work programmes, been an operations manager for a security firm in London, and has now set up his own training company in Hackney helping people back into work.

To contact him, or for more information log on to www.pentadefencesystem.com.

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