Hornchurch man is fined for parking on his driveway

A Hornchurch driver has been given a parking fine – for parking on his own driveway!

Steve Barker, 47, parked his black Ford car on his driveway outside his house as seen in this picture while he went to open his garage from inside.

This picture clearly shows the car was parked on his driveway, in Edison Close, legitimately, and so was a neighbour’s car shown behind it.

But Havering Council’s CCTV car issued a fine this week for the incident on Sunday, August 14, just before 8am.

The penalty notice for �110, reduced to �55 if paid within 21 days, said the driver was “parked with one or more wheels on or over a footpath or any part of a road other than a carriageway.”

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Mr Barker said: “It is crazy that I can get a fine for parking on my own driveway. The picture shows that I have parked near to my garage.

“I was not obstructing any traffic, it was a Sunday morning and we live in the end house in a cul-de-sac so it is quiet here anyway.”

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His wife Sue, 43, said: “I think it is very petty. I can’t imagine someone would complain about the way we were parked.

“My husband was going to park the car in the garage but left a bit of space to get access into it. There are only six houses here and people park in the close and that is legitimate I don’t see why we are fined for this.

“Three months ago we were given a fine for a similar incident. We appealed it and the fine was dropped.”

The couple said they plan to appeal the fine to Havering Council.

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