Hornchurch man fined after parking in faded bay

A motorist who says he parked according to sign-posted regulations has been given a parking fine.

Paul Freeman, 48, of Southend Road, Hornchurch, has parked with the wheels of one side of his car on the kerb in Astra Close for the past nine years – in accordance with signs nearby.

But in February the removal firm boss was issued with a �100 ticket for parking on the footpath.

He said: “The lines have faded but the bays are still there.

“The bays have been there for 15 years. We had the same problem five years ago because the lines were faded so badly you could hardly see them.

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“I had 15 tickets then and I appealed every single one of them and won.

“They repainted the bays a month later.

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“Now they have faded again.”

But this time the council upheld his ticket and said it is no longer recognised as an official bay, despite being one six years ago

The council will be removing the faded paint within the next two weeks.

A Havering Council spokesman said: “Mr Freeman was issued with a penalty for parking on the footway.

“There are faded paint markings but it is not an official parking bay.

“Even if it was, Mr Freeman was not parked within these faded markings.”

Mr Freeman plans to appeal the decision at the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service Tribunal.

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