Hornchurch hopes increase

McFarlane grateful for mild midweek

Hornchurch are due to host local rivals Aveley at Bridge Avenue on Monday, but all eyes will remain on the news and weather forecasts up until then.

Sport at all levels has been hit by the recent heavy snowfall and plunging temperatures, but as things turned a little milder in midweek, there was reason for some pre-Christmas optimism.

“We hope to get it on,” said McFarlane.

“I’ve watched Aveley a couple of times lately as they’ve played sides who we’ve had to play after. They’ve got some good young players.

“You don’t know what to do with yourself when the weather is wiping everything out, it’s very frustrating.

“You just want to get out playing again. I’ve seen a bit of rain this week and thought ‘lovely, get rid of the snow’.

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“You’ve got half a chance even if the pitch is a bit waterlogged as you can do some work on it.

“When you’ve got three, five or eight inches of snow on top, you’ve got no chance.”