'We had no idea how big he was': 11lb 4oz baby born at Romford hospital

Bobby Dean Driscoll

Newborn Bobby Dean Driscoll weighed 11lb 4oz - Credit: Chloe Lawley

A baby weighing 11lb 4oz has been born at a Romford hospital. 

Bobby Dean Driscoll was delivered by emergency caesarean at Queen’s Hospital on June 3, after his heart rate became very high. 

His size was considerably above the average; according to Good To Know, the average weight of a baby at birth is 7lb 5oz, and between 5lb 5oz and 10lb and 1oz is considered "normal and healthy".

His mum Chloe Lawley is recovering well at home in Hornchurch. 

The first-time mother told this paper: “We had no idea how big he was during the pregnancy. 

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“Thankfully I had the caesarean, otherwise I don’t think he would have been able to come out. 

“The doctors were amazing, and I’m so grateful that I had such a brilliant experience.” 

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Teacher Chloe said midwives and doctors had all come over to see Bobby after the birth because they had not seen such a big baby in many years. 

Bobby did not fit into the new born clothes Chloe and scaffolder partner Dean Driscoll had bought, and had to wear size zero- to three-months outfits instead. 

“We’re saving the newborn clothes for baby number two instead,” Chloe added. 

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