Hornchurch head to Margate on high

League wins lift Urchins

Hornchurch head to Ryman Premier Division rivals Margate for their FA Trophy tie in good spirits.

League wins at Bury and Hastings catapulted Urchins up the table to eighth and suggest they have finally turned the corner after an inconsistent spell.

Boss Jimmy McFarlane said: “We’ve got a little break now from the league and we’ve got nothing to fear.

“We’ve got to keep defending as we are. Bury and Hastings had scored a few between them this season, but we’ve looked defensively sound.

“I still think we need a couple more, but a team’s strength can be seen by its substitutes bench and we had Jonathan Hunt, Tommy Black, Billy Coyne, Ross Wall and James Morrish on our bench at Hastings. It was a strong bench for us.

“Frankie Curley has given us loads of energy and bite in the middle of the park and Dave Collis is pulling the strings.

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“He takes some stick because of his stature, but he thrives on it. He was good at Hastings. I thought he was tiring and was just going to make a change and bring on some fresh legs, when he stepped up a gear and got his second wind.

“We’ve just got to carry on what we’re doing. Of course the result is important and I think you’re kidding yourself if you say the financial side of it isn’t. The money [tomorrow’s winners receive �3,000 in FA prize money] is handy for clubs.